String Skipping Around 7th Arpeggios

Guitar Lesson


In this guitar lesson I will show you how to play seventh arpeggios using the string skipping technique, which will greatly add to your phrasing vocabulary.
Guitar Lesson Objectives:
  1. ‚ÄčTake your string skipping technique to the next level
  2. Understand how to analyze arpeggios and figure out how to arrange them to be played using string skipping
  3. Execute technically demanding string skipping passages with authority!
Ok, got it - just take me to the exercises for this lesson!

In my guitar lesson on 7th arpeggios, I talked about the idea of 7th arpeggios, which as you saw was just a logical next step after learning triad arpeggios.

In my guitar lessons I like to show you how to view technique and theory as two sides of the same coin. By taking this view, you start to realize how to take technical command of the fretboard and put theory to use in unlimited ways. With such an approach, one doesn't really need to learn riffs because you will just be creating your own riffs!

In this case, we are going to use some theory about seventh arpeggios and figure out how to efficiently play them using sting skipping. Playing arpeggios using string skipping adds its own unique phrasing possibilities. Just as sweep picking arpeggios has a certain sound, you will see that string skipping also has a unique sound that while similar to tapping arpeggios, has its own essence. In this way string skipping arpeggios will be a new means for you to come up with unique phrasing ideas.

I won't repeat the theory that I covered in my guitar lesson on 7th arpeggios.

Take a look at that lesson if you need a refresher. If you are not familiar with how seventh arpeggios are constructed, and how we can form inversions of arpeggios, then that lesson will be useful so that you will have a deep understanding of what we are doing in this guitar lesson.

Exercises in this String Skipping Guitar Lesson

Playing a Minor 7th Arpeggio String Skipping Style


In this exercise, we will start learning how to play 7th arpeggios using the string skipping technique, by first looking at a Minor 7th arpeggio.