Tapping - Starting with Triad Arpeggios

Guitar Lesson


In this tapping guitar lesson we don't waste anytime, as we get into some interesting musical territory right from the start, using triad arpeggios as an example.
Guitar Lesson Objectives:
  1. Become acquainted with the tapping technique
  2. Understand how triads can be used melodically in tapping phrases
  3. Appreciate tapping as a technique to enhance musicality, and not as an opportunity to randomly touch the fretboard with your picking fingers
Ok, got it - just take me to the exercises for this lesson!

I don't know what it is about tapping. So many guitarists still think it is this novel technique, where the act of simply bringing your picking hand to the neck and randomly tapping some note is supposed draw awe from the crowd. I don't believe tapping should be random. I don't believe the decision to play notes on the fretboard with fingers from the picking hand should be like throwing darts.

You've probably been to some concert where a guitarist is playing some already boring solo and then at the very end he plays a handful of randomly tapped notes that don't seem to be in any musical context with the rest of the solo. I don't want you to become a random tapper. Just like with the other techniques that I show you in my guitar lessons, I want you to see meaning in tapping, to see how it can be applied by possessing even a small degree of musical knowledge.

With that said, I am going to show you how to play triad arpeggios using tapping, which will be an important preventative measure to make sure you don't develop random tapping tendencies.

In my introductory Triad Arpeggios guitar lesson I went over the basic theory behind triads. Please review that guitar lesson's theory section if you need to brush up on triads.

Exercises in this Tapping Guitar Lesson

Tapping - Major Triad on One String


In this exercise we will take a look at how to tap major arpeggios as a way to use finger tapping in a musically meaningful way.

Tapping - Minor Triad on One String


In this tapping exercise, we continue our study of using triad arpeggios for tapping melodically, this time focusing on a Minor Triad.

Tapping - Diminished Triad on One String


In this exercise we look at yet another triad type - the diminished triad - as a way to take a musically interesting approach to tapping.

Tapping Triad Arpeggios - Putting it Together


This is the last exercise in my introductory tapping guitar lesson, where we use the knowledge from the previous exercises to come up with an interesting tapping passage.