Blaze through arpeggios

Take your guitar playing to the next level by learning common arpeggio shapes used by jazz and rock guitar virtuosos, as well as the sweep picking technique for playing arpeggios. These guitar lessons will give you a new appreciation not only of arpeggios, but their relation to scales and chords.

Arpeggios Guitar Lessons

Congratulations for deciding to learn about the scary subject of arpeggios! I am kidding. Arpeggios have such a reputation perhaps because of the fancy sounding name. But they are nothing more than the notes of a chord played in succession, as opposed to strummed.

So now that we have de-glamorized the name 'arpeggio' it is time for you to get on with some arpeggio guitar lessons. As is the case with chords, arpeggios can be broken into various categories. My guitar lessons cover what I think are the most useful arpeggios, and similar to my philosophy on scales - you don't need to learn hundreds of arpeggios.

Through my arpeggio guitar lessons, you will learn to visualize arpeggios, and you will learn the theory behind arpeggios which will enable you to play any arpeggio that you can dream up, whether sweep picked, tapped, with legato, etc. That is a far more empowering approach than trying to drill hundreds of arpeggios...

Augmented Triad - Two Strings


In this arpeggio exercise, we leave the world of Major Scale triads and look at the only other remaining triad type - the augmented triad.

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Diminished Triad - Two Strings


In this triad arpeggio exercise, we look at the diminished triad on two strings, which will have us doing some serious reaching for notes!

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Minor Triad - Two Strings


In this exercise we continue our triad arpeggio guitar lesson by looking at the Minor Triad and its inversions, and the various ways that you can play it on two strings.

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Major Triad - Two Strings (plus an explanation of inversions)


We start our journey into the wild world of arpeggios with this Major Triad Arpeggio exercise, which will help build the needed foundation to move on to the more advanced arpeggio guitar lessons.

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings