Unleash the power of intervals

You don't see a lot of guitar lessons out there on intervals as a technique. But here you will dive into this amazing subject and take your guitar playing to a whole new level!

Intervals Guitar Lessons

Intervals is more often a subject found in music theory, where chords and arpeggios, for instance, are described in terms of the intervals that make them up.

In my intervals guitar lessons, I will cover some theory behind intervals, but more importantly I want you to see how intervals are laid out on the fretboard so that you can start thinking of them as a melodic tool for phrasing, and not just as a theoretical topic. Through these guitar lessons, you will learn to look at the fretboard in new ways, unlocking the fretboard's full potential for expression on the guitar!

Major Scale Harmonized in Thirds


In this exercise we will take a look at a Major Scale and see how we can play the scale in third intervals, which might give you a new perspective on scales!

In Guitar Lesson: Major and Minor Thirds - Seeing a Major Scale Afresh