Build super-smooth legato technique

Do you want to play super smooth hammer-ons and pull-offs like Satriani and Holdsworth? Well you are in the right place - these legato guitar lessons will have you well on your way to playing ultra smooth legato lines throughout the fretboard.

Legato Guitar Lessons

Legato technique is all about smoothness. Whether you are talking about players like Joe Satriani, Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane, or any other player with superb legato technique, what they all have in common is fluid execution in their fretting hand (and low string action also helps!), producing a silky smooth sound free of pick attack.

So check out my legato guitar lessons. And like with all my guitar lessons, I won't just show you exercises, I will also provide melodic examples of legato, focusing on phrasing to help you with your overall approach to phrasing on the guitar.

List Exercises

Legato - Starting from Basics


This guitar lesson introduces you to the widely used legato technique which will have you playing smooth, fluid lines in no time!

Exercise Difficulty
Legato - Three Note Pattern 1 Guest Visitor Access Easy
In this exercise, I will start you off with your legato adventures by showing you a simple three note pattern that will come in handy for all sorts of legato lines that you can dream up!