Master major scales

You may have heard about Major Scales and Modes. Well, in these guitar lessons I will show you that this is not a scary topic at all. Through these guitar lessons you will learn to visualize major scales and modes throughout the fretboard to unlock your lead guitar playing and improvisation ability.

Major Scales Guitar Lessons

List Exercises

Major Scale and Modes in 3 Octaves


In this guitar lesson we will learn how to use position shifting and fretboard visualization to play a Major Scale and modes in 3 octaves.

Exercise Difficulty
Major Scale Across 3 Octaves Using Repeatable Pattern Hard
In this exercise you will play a Major Scale in 3 octaves by using a unique, repeating pattern that lends itself to visualization.

Major Scale (and an explanation of modes!)


In this guitar lesson I will introduce you to the Major Scale which is a necessary starting point before we get into the fun topic of modes!

Exercise Difficulty
Major Scale (Ionian Mode) - On One String Guest Visitor Access Medium
There is no better place to start learning about scales and modes than the Major Scale - so let's get started.
Major Scale - Shape 1 Guest Visitor Access Medium
In this exercise, I will show you a shape for a Major Scale in one octave that we will use throughout the fretboard to help you see scales everywhere!
Another Useful Major Scale Form - Shape 2 Easy
In this exercise, you will continue visualizing and practicing a Major Scale in several positions on the fretboard, to help you further make linkages between scales and the fretboard.
Playing a Major Scale Across 6 Strings Using 3-Notes-Per-String Hard
In this exercise, you will see one way to play a Major Scale across 6 strings, which will be the basis for a lot of future scale exercises that you will see on this site.