Master your scales

Unlock your potential by mastering the most common scales used by jazz and rock guitarists. These guitar lessons will do away with any fear you have about scales, because there is nothing scary about scales!

Scales Guitar Lessons

If you landed on this page then you are ready for an adventure! Mastering scales is one of the most important things you can aspire to as a guitarist looking to take your playing to stratospheric levels.

The guitar lessons in this category are further broken down into specific scale categories. You will see guitar lessons on Major Scales, Pentatonic Scales, as well as more exotic sounding scales like Harmonic Minor, and the jazzy sounding Melodic Minor. For those that like symmetry, I even have guitar lessons on so-called symmetrical scales such as the Whole Tone and the Diminished scales.

While there are books out there covering hundreds of scales, my approach is quite different. You don't need to learn hundreds of scales. There - I said it. The most important advice I have is to learn a small number of useful scales - like the ones I mention above - then develop your ears and sense of melody so that at any moment, you are already capable of throwing in outside notes which are what turn ordinary scales into something different. In other words, by practicing a smaller number of scales, and developing your ears, your fingers will already be reaching for hundreds of scales...

So start your journey!

Useful shape for a Major Scale plus fast position shifting technique!


In this exercise, I will go over some basics behind the Major Scale, show you one shape of a Major Scale and how to play it in multiple locations on the fretboard, as well as show you how to develop fast position shifting technique.

In Guitar Lesson: Introduction to the Major Scale

Diminished Whole Half Step Scale 2 Octaves


In this exercise you will learn a useful shape for playing a Diminished Whole Half Step Scale on the guitar.

In Guitar Lesson: Diminished Whole Half Step Scale

Major Scale - Shape 1


In this exercise, I will show you a shape for a Major Scale in one octave that we will use throughout the fretboard to help you see scales everywhere!

In Guitar Lesson: Major Scale (and an explanation of modes!)

Major Scale (Ionian Mode) - On One String


There is no better place to start learning about scales and modes than the Major Scale - so let's get started.

In Guitar Lesson: Major Scale (and an explanation of modes!)