Learn advanced string skipping technique

Don't let your strings get in the way! These string skipping guitar lessons will show you creative ways to use string skipping in your everyday playing, unleashing unlimited creative potential.

String Skipping Guitar Lessons

I am glad you decided to start down the path of String Skipping on the guitar. String Skipping is a rather advanced technique that you don't see many guitarists using broadly. These guitar lessons will introduce you to string skipping, and as with all my lessons, you will also see how to use string skipping in a harmonically and melodically interesting way.

The first time I came across string skipping as its own separate technique, was when I went through Paul Gilbert's Rock Guitar video. Since then I have noticed a number of players who use string skipping creatively and with authority, perhaps the best example being the late Shawn Lane. Through my guitar lessons, you might not get to the level of Shawn Lane (I mean, who does?), but you will gain an appreciation for the technique and will have a launching pad to use the technique in your own playing.

Playing a Minor 7th Arpeggio String Skipping Style


In this exercise, we will start learning how to play 7th arpeggios using the string skipping technique, by first looking at a Minor 7th arpeggio.

In Guitar Lesson: String Skipping Around 7th Arpeggios

Pentatonic String Skipping Across Fretboard


In this string skipping exercise we are going to shift gears a bit and have you string skipping up the fretboard to reinforce position shifting and string skipping at the same time.

In Guitar Lesson: Introduction to String Skipping

String Skipping Triplets with Pentatonic Scales


In this exercise we will take the familiar concept of triplets and apply it to string skipping as a way to create fiery, unique sounding Pentatonic passages.

In Guitar Lesson: Introduction to String Skipping

String Skipping Through Major Pentatonic


In this exercise we continue our introduction to string skipping, this time using the Major Pentatonic scale as our example.

In Guitar Lesson: Introduction to String Skipping

String Skipping Through Minor Pentatonic


In this exercise I will get you started down the path of string skipping by showing you how the technique can be applied to the Pentatonic Minor scale.

In Guitar Lesson: Introduction to String Skipping