Learn advanced finger tapping

Time to get your picking hand on the fretboard! From basic tapping techniques to mind bending tapping lines, these guitar lessons will make sure you are not overusing this technique like so many players out there, but that you are a true master!

Tapping Guitar Lessons

Tapping is one of those techniques that I think should require a license to use. It is probably the most overused technique out there. How many times have you seen some guitar player add some tapped lines to a guitar solo for no other reason than simply for the sake of tapping a couple notes that could have been played even more articulately without tapping?

You know what I am talking about. If you came here hoping to learn how to tap amateurishly, then you will be disappointed. My tapping guitar lessons will not turn you into one of those players that taps arbitrary notes. You don't need lessons to tap that way. My guitar lessons will take you from tapping basics, then proceed to some pretty advanced territory where you will learn to construct harmonically intricate tapping patterns, thereby enabling you to truly use tapping masterfully!

Tapping - Minor Triad on One String


In this tapping exercise, we continue our study of using triad arpeggios for tapping melodically, this time focusing on a Minor Triad.

In Guitar Lesson: Tapping - Starting with Triad Arpeggios

Tapping - Diminished Triad on One String


In this exercise we look at yet another triad type - the diminished triad - as a way to take a musically interesting approach to tapping.

In Guitar Lesson: Tapping - Starting with Triad Arpeggios

Tapping Triad Arpeggios - Putting it Together


This is the last exercise in my introductory tapping guitar lesson, where we use the knowledge from the previous exercises to come up with an interesting tapping passage.

In Guitar Lesson: Tapping - Starting with Triad Arpeggios