Learn the most common arpeggio type

When you see players blazing through arpeggios, chances are they are playing triad arpeggios. In these guitar lessons I will show you how to play triad arpeggios throughout the fretboard - you'll be shredding up your guitar in no time!

Triad Arpeggios Guitar Lessons

Major Triad - Two Strings (plus an explanation of inversions)


We start our journey into the wild world of arpeggios with this Major Triad Arpeggio exercise, which will help build the needed foundation to move on to the more advanced guitar lessons.

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Major Triad Arpeggio Across 5 Strings


In this exercise, we start looking at triads across 5 strings by first taking a look at a Major Triad.

In Guitar Lesson: Unlocking Triads Throughout the Fretboard, Across 5 Strings