Aspiring to Excellence

Hi, I am Brian Huether, and I built this site to help you achieve your guitar dreams. I am not going to lie - achieving technical excellence on the guitar is not easy. You won't see claims here like "Learn to play the guitar in 30 days!" You know those sorts of web sites...

You see, my philosphy is simple - achieving excellence on the guitar is like mountain climbing, and not just any mountain, but the likes of Everest, even K2. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication, discipline, perseverance, desire. But there comes a moment when everything clicks, and you are ready to climb any mountain.

You can think of my guitar lessons as a complete system designed to take you to the highest technical levels of guitar, to enable you to transform into a virtuoso guitarist. The ascent is not easy, but just have faith and you will achieve your guitar dreams!

Using these Guitar Lessons

While my guitar lessons are not meant for the 30-day learner, it is also not meant for long term. This isn't one of those sites "offering thousands of exercises from hundreds of instructors!" And yes, you know of such sites. If you are spending thousands of hours online going through countless exercises then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

My guitar lessons are based on a different philosophy. You will see here a manageble number of purposeful exercises, ranging in difficulty, meant for building your abilities and setting you free with confidence.

In these guitar lessons you will see recurring themes, such as combining technique with musicality, fretboard visualization, and muscle memory development. This repetition is designed so that you will have that "ahh-huh" moment. Sort of like what happens when you study a foreign langauge and start dreaming in the language.

So just progress through the various categories on my site across all difficulty levels, marking off exercises and lessons as favorites and entering your progress along the way (you can think of this site feature as a way to build a lesson plan). When the language of guitar that I am trying to teach becomes solidifed, say goodbye to the site, be off on your own, and pursue your own guitar dreams with total passion! Good luck!