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Tapping - Starting with Triad Arpeggios


In this tapping guitar lesson we don't waste anytime, as we get into some interesting musical territory right from the start, using triad arpeggios as an example.

Exercise Difficulty
Tapping - Major Triad on One String Guest Visitor Access Medium
In this exercise we will take a look at how to tap major arpeggios as a way to use finger tapping in a musically meaningful way.
Tapping - Minor Triad on One String Medium
In this tapping exercise, we continue our study of using triad arpeggios for tapping melodically, this time focusing on a Minor Triad.
Tapping - Diminished Triad on One String Medium
In this exercise we look at yet another triad type - the diminished triad - as a way to take a musically interesting approach to tapping.
Tapping Triad Arpeggios - Putting it Together Hard
This is the last exercise in my introductory tapping guitar lesson, where we use the knowledge from the previous exercises to come up with an interesting tapping passage.