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Introduction to the Major Scale


In this guitar lesson I will introduce you to the major scale as well as show you some ways to play a Major Scale on the fretboard, focusing on playing throughout the fretboard.

Exercise Difficulty
Useful shape for a Major Scale plus fast position shifting technique! Guest Visitor Access Medium
In this exercise, I will go over some basics behind the Major Scale, show you one shape of a Major Scale and how to play it in multiple locations on the fretboard, as well as show you how to develop fast position shifting technique.

Major Scale and Modes in 3 Octaves


In this guitar lesson we will learn how to use position shifting and fretboard visualization to play a Major Scale and modes in 3 octaves.

Exercise Difficulty
Major Scale Across 3 Octaves Using Repeatable Pattern Hard
In this exercise you will play a Major Scale in 3 octaves by using a unique, repeating pattern that lends itself to visualization.