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Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings


In this guitar lesson, I will talk about the basics of triad arpeggios and show you some useful 2 string shapes for burning up the fretboard!

Exercise Difficulty
Major Triad - Two Strings (plus an explanation of inversions) Guest Visitor Access Medium
We start our journey into the wild world of arpeggios with this Major Triad Arpeggio exercise, which will help build the needed foundation to move on to the more advanced guitar lessons.
Minor Triad - Two Strings Medium
In this exercise we continue our triad arpeggio guitar lesson by looking at the Minor Triad and its inversions, and the various ways that you can play it on two strings.
Diminished Triad - Two Strings Hard
In this triad arpeggio exercise, we look at the sinister sounding diminished triad on two strings, which will have us doing some serious reaching for notes!
Two String Triad Arpeggios Etude Insane
In this exercise I will show you how we can combine the triad arpeggio shapes from this guitar lesson in a musical way.