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Alternate Picking - Four Note Patterns


In this alternate picking guitar lesson, we enter some dangerous territory by introducing you to 4 note patterns using all fingers. Not many guitarists develop their ability to put all fingers to use, so this guitar lesson will have you moving your finger

Exercise Difficulty
Alternate Picking - Four Note Pattern 1 Guest Visitor Access Hard
In this alternate picking exercise, you will start the journey of using all four fret hand fingers in playing the most common four note patterns that you will come across.
Alternate Picking - Four Note Pattern 2 Hard
In this exercise, you will continue your alternate picking studies of four note patterns, further unlocking your fingers on the fretboard!
Alternate Picking - Four Note Pattern 3 Insane
In this alternate picking guitar exercise, we look at yet another common four consecutive note pattern which will continue conditioning your fret hand fingers for the technical mastery that you are seeking!
Alternate Picking - Four Note Pattern 4 Insane
Here we have the final consecutive four note pattern in this alternate picking guitar lesson - this one is the toughest, so get ready to teach your fingers to behave like they haven't before!
Alternate Picking - Getting all the Fingers on the Fretboard! Hard
Now that you have practiced alternate picking various four note patterns, in this exercise you will see how the guitar lesson material can be applied in a musical context.