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Major Triad - Two Strings (plus an explanation of inversions)


We start our journey into the wild world of arpeggios with this Major Triad Arpeggio exercise, which will help build the needed foundation to move on to the more advanced guitar lessons.

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Major Scale Harmonized in Thirds


In this exercise we will take a look at a Major Scale and see how we can play the scale in third intervals, which might give you a new perspective on scales!

In Guitar Lesson: Major and Minor Thirds - Seeing a Major Scale Afresh

Major Triad Arpeggio Across 5 Strings


In this exercise, we start looking at triads across 5 strings by first taking a look at a Major Triad.

In Guitar Lesson: Unlocking Triads Throughout the Fretboard, Across 5 Strings

Useful shape for a Major Scale plus fast position shifting technique!


In this exercise, I will go over some basics behind the Major Scale, show you one shape of a Major Scale and how to play it in multiple locations on the fretboard, as well as show you how to develop fast position shifting technique.

In Guitar Lesson: Introduction to the Major Scale

Minor Triad - Two Strings


In this exercise we continue our triad arpeggio guitar lesson by looking at the Minor Triad and its inversions, and the various ways that you can play it on two strings.

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Two String Triad Arpeggios Etude


In this exercise I will show you how we can combine the triad arpeggio shapes from this guitar lesson in a musical way.

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Major 7th Arpeggio on Two Strings


In this exercise we expand what we know about triad arpeggios and look at a major 7th arpeggio and how to play it on two strings for some cool sounds!

In Guitar Lesson: Seventh Arpeggios - Cool Sounding Patterns on Two Strings

Tapping - Major Triad on One String


In this exercise we will take a look at how to tap major arpeggios as a way to use finger tapping in a musically meaningful way.

In Guitar Lesson: Tapping - Starting with Triad Arpeggios

Diminished Triad - Two Strings


In this triad arpeggio exercise, we look at the sinister sounding diminished triad on two strings, which will have us doing some serious reaching for notes!

In Guitar Lesson: Triad Arpeggios - 2 Strings

Playing a Minor 7th Arpeggio String Skipping Style


In this exercise, we will start learning how to play 7th arpeggios using the string skipping technique, by first looking at a Minor 7th arpeggio.

In Guitar Lesson: String Skipping Around 7th Arpeggios